Our Care

Our Care

St Joseph’s provides person centred care to our residents, looking after all their dementia specific needs from the very early stages of dementia to the later life palliative stage of the dementia illness.

Learning from Meaningful Care Matters; Butterfly Model of Care, our staff are totally dedicated to connecting to each one of our residents on an emotional level, they find out what is special to them and their family, and what things have mattered most to them in their lifetimes. We focus on making every moment special.  And we are well on our way to receiving the Butterfly Kite Mark from Meaningful Care Matters.

Household model of care

It is widely appreciated that people living with dementia should live at home for as long as possible. But for many people this may no longer be feasible.

At St Joseph’s we know that in order to care for our residents in the best possible way, we must create a real home for them and for their families. We have moved away from ‘institutional’ or ‘traditional task orientated’ care.

Today care is focused on the emotions and feelings of the people we look after and we provide a relaxed home like feeling in every one of our six lodges while still looking after their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

We don’t have uniforms here at St Joseph’s, think about it – no one wears a uniform in your house! Living areas are all comfortably furnished and decorated as you would at home with residents’ personal pictures, their belongings, ornaments or personal items throughout.

Our Lodges not only feel and look like home, they are home to our very special residents.

David, explains why Feelings Matter Most

Founder of the Butterfly Model - Dr David Sheard