In Memory Giving

People often would like to donate money in memory of a loved one or friend that may have died recently or in the past.

Dr Bill Brosnan, was a day care attendee at Saint Joseph’s and enjoyed many happy days taking part in meaningful activities.  It also gave daily respite to his wife Monica, and gave her the chance to revive herself and continue caring for Bill at home.

Sadly, Bill died in 2013.

His wife Monica wanted to donate money in his memory.  Monica, thought long and hard where the money would benefit most and knew that donating the money to Saint Josephs’ to complete a garden area for day care would be a wonderful way to commemorate Bill’s life.

Monica, officially opened the garden in Bill’s name in the summer of 2017.

Bill and Monica, have left a wonderful legacy to all those people we care for in a our day care programme.  there is now an enclosed garden, with raised beds, sensory planting and a wonderful social area with seating to be enjoyed on those warmer days!

Of course, family must be taken care of, but gifts in memory of, or pre planned in your will are so valuable and means your generosity lives on in your memory.

Monica Brosnan Cutting the ribbon on the new Day Care Garden funded in memory of her husband Dr Bill Brosnan.