Saint Joseph’s Day Care

At Saint Joseph’s Shankill we offer a wonderful day care service 5 days a week, to people living with dementia who are living at home in the community.  Day care at Saint Joseph’s begins at 9am, and when our attendees can meet others, get involved in the wide range of activities, sing, dance and of course share a cuppa with new friends. A three course lunch is also provided every day.

If you would like to apply to attend this wonderful service, the first step is to contact your Public Health Nurse. This is usually done through your GP.

Your main contact with us will be our Day Care Manager, either Ger Ennis or Yvonne O’Regan.

Your Public Health Nurse will send a written referral to us. When we receive it, one of the Day Care Managers (either Ger or Yvonne) or another staff member will contact you to arrange an assessment of your needs.

Your assessment will be carried out at the Day Care Centre at an agreed time and date, when you can come and have tour of the Day care centre, meet the staff and complete some relevant paper work.

Hopefully you will feel able to join us in some activities, during your visit. If the Centre is suited to your needs and you wish to attend, specific days for you to attend will be agreed.

Geraldine or Yvonne or

Direct Dial: +353 1 271 9208 Mon-Friday 8.30am – 16.30pm

Mobile: +353 87 663 7917 Mon-Friday 8.30am – 16.30pm


On Friday, 28th of April a huge crowd gathered in Saint Joseph’s Shankill to attend the official opening of the new Saint Joseph’s Shankill Day Care garden in memory of Dr Bill Brosnan.

Bill’s wife Monica, who sponsored the garden’s creation, performed the official ribbon cutting and unveiling of the plaque in Dr Bill’s honour.  Dr Bill had attended the day care service at Saint Joseph’s after he was diagnosed with dementia some 5 years ago, sadly Bill died in 2014.  But his life was celebrated in style at the garden launch…’s a few snaps of everyone enjoying the day.