St Joseph’s Bowling Club!

April 2024 Bowling Club Flyer

2024 Let’s Go Bowling! – Upcoming Dates

Our Bowling Club for people with Dementia & their families takes place every Monday from 11-12.30 at Shankill Bowling Club.

€50 PER COUPLE/ 8-WEEK TERM Includes an hour of bowling plus tea/coffee, pastries and a chat each week!

Our first Bowling Club meet takes place on Monday, 15 April.

Get in Touch Call: 01 282 300 or email

About Our Bowling Club

Our Bowling Team is a welcoming, weekly club meeting for people with Dementia & their families, who are interested in Bowling or looking for a fun new activity to take part in together in a supportive atmosphere

Each Bowling Session takes place at Shankill Bowling Club and starts at 11.00 and finishes at 12.30

Join us for a wonderful time at Shankill Bowling Club, each meet up includes an hour of play followed by 30 minutes of teas, coffees & pastries!

Dementia-Friendly Directory 

We’ve started a Dementia-Friendly Directory of places to visit which you can access HERE. If you have any further suggestions please let us know!