About Us – Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is that our communities can access with ease high quality care and services that are responsive to society’s needs today and into the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality mental health and dementia care, along with advanced wellbeing and education programmes. We achieve this by enabling our staff, volunteers and services to be innovative and compassionate, inspiring hope and empowering individuals, families and wider society.

Our Values

The values of Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries are Hospitality, Compassion, Respect.

Hospitality is that we accept everybody we encounter without judgement and we will engage with them in a pleasant, fair and equitable manner.

Compassion is that we will treat everyone with kindness, a caring and supportive attitude and a willingness to help.

Respect is that we will respect and honour each person as an individual, without discrimination, recognising their uniqueness, and their human rights.

Our History

In 1955, Kilcroney House Hotel and Country Club was bought from Sir Basil Goulding by the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God and re-named Saint Joseph’s.  At first, the house was a Juniorate Collge for boys wishing to become Brothers.

In 1961 guests and elderly gentlemen were introduced – the purpose being to give the young aspirants to the Order some idea of their future apostolate with the sick.

In 1976, part of the Ballroom was converted to allow for nine additional beds, making a total of 32 beds in the Nursing home. The first female patient was also admitted in 1976. In 1977 the Juniorate College closed.

In response to growing needs of older people being cared for at home, Crinken House Day Care opened in 1989. Initially it supported isolated older people but eventually included those with early onset dementia.

The suitability of the facilities at Kilcroney to support older people with greater dependency became an issue and in 1994 a new nursing home was built in the grounds of Crinken House, Shankill, Co Dublin. This was designed as a single storey general purpose nursing home.

However, in keeping with the ethos of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God to identify and respond to unmet needs, the Centre began to focus on care for people living with dementia.

Today, we are known as St John of God Dementia Care at Saint Joseph’s and are home to 60 people and offers 1 person a respite bed every week with 120 Day Centre places.

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