Tax Efficient Giving

Charitable Donations Scheme  – Tax Effective Giving

Did you know that as a charity we are eligible to claim back tax from the government on donations received? If you are a PAYE earner and have given over €250 in a year, to St. Joseph’s then you can help us to claim this tax from the government at no additional cost to you!  Each year our charity loses hundreds, and sometimes thousands in unclaimed taxes, due to people not knowing about this scheme, or forgetting to send in their form! Read below to find out how you can help us to get this amazing tax resource from our government!

So how does it work?  For every €250 we receive, we are eligible to claim an additional €112 back from the Revenue (at the rate of 31% for all gifts).  Making your €250 donation worth an impressive €362!!  Read more on the Revenue Info Page here

All you have to do to help us to claim this tax is to fill out the simple CHY3 Certificate below and email it to the contact below / or send it by post – so that we can prove your donation is eligible to the revenue and avail of this fantastic scheme!

Download CHY3 Certificate

If you have any questions at all contact us on 01 282 3000 or email



NB: *If you are claiming tax back for Health Expenses, please claim this tax back before submitting your CHY3 form to us.  It is extremely rare that the Charitable Donations Scheme will effect your claim but this is best practice advice to ensure you are getting all that you are due before taking part in the Charitable Donation Scheme.