Written by a daughter of one of the people that was in our care……..

Thank you for sending it to us


(published with permission)


While I am here,

Here I am. 

And fear has passed

And life is calm. 

Perhaps a taste or sound is nice, 

Perhaps a little glimpse of life. 

Or if I don’t perceive a thing

That’s still ok. 

Some people go in sudden fall. 

Some people fade as night to dawn. 

But I am here. 

If I could see 

I would be glad that I am me. 

I’d take back all the fears I held; 

For if I’d seen the love and care 

That’s lavished on me 

I’d be changed. 

From each and every one in their own way 

A love is shown. 

Though all exteriorly is lost,

I never knew such strength and kindness would emerge 

To watch oer me till life is done. 

I pray in thanks for all the staff 

Who care for me each day. 

I pray with pride for my family. 

If I could see and speak

Imagine what I’d say!

In love and thanks 

All fears are wiped away. 

While life is here

Here I am. 

And when the time is right I will pass on. 

No day too late too soon, 

Each day is as it is. 

There is a reason why 

This time is. 

I pray your pain is eased 

As mine has been. 

As life is calm 

And as it’s meant to be. 

For love is strong in all who walk around me here. 

I could not ask for more than’s been giv’n me.