Why Hugs are important to people with Dementia

Why are Hugs so important to People with Dementia

With Valentines day fast approaching, and the theme of love and hugs in the air! We wanted to look at a very important aspect of care here at St. Joseph’s!  Hugs!  So why are hugs so important to people living with Dementia?

Touch plays a significant role in improving mental health and promoting well-being. Touch can induce a physical relaxation response, reduce stress hormones, and create a sense of comfort and closeness. Touch can also help with sensory stimulation, which can improve cognitive symptoms, social participation, communication, and memory.

So there you have it, scientifically hugs are very significant in the general health and care of people living with Dementia, and in general!

You can support St. Joseph’s Shankill this Valentines Day by sending a Valentines Hug to show someone you care! Click the link below to send a hug!

Send A Valentines Hug – Support St. Joseph’s

The funds raised will go towards the care of our wonderful residents who are living with Dementia (including hugs).


Reference info: www.elderlycareallinace.org