Dementia Specific Palliative Care

We support end of life care in accordance with your assessed needs and referrals are made to specialist palliative care services so that an integrated multi-disciplinary approach is provided.

This may include a palliative care nurse or palliative care team from the Blackrock Hospice.

Your family and friends may want to assist with your care and comfort, and overnight facilities are available for them.

Our staff may provide suggestions for activities to get involved in. These can include reading passages from your favourite book aloud or playing music. Our chaplain, Patricia Sherry, can offer spiritual support at all times.

End of Life Symbol

The end of life symbol appears on many of the resources developed by the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme to respectfully identify items connected with the end of life in hospitals.

In conjunction with good practice in hospitals and care facilities, the symbol aims to add respect and solemnity to items used following the death of a person and to make resources relating to the end of life instantly identifiable. This symbol is displayed at the nurses’ station or at the ward/unit entrance to notify staff that a patient has died.

The symbol is inspired by ancient Irish history and is not associated with any one religion or denomination. The 3-stranded white spiral represents the interconnected cycle of life – birth, life and death. The white outer circle represents continuity, infinity and completion. Purple was chosen as the background colour as it is associated with nobility, solemnity and spirituality